Our Bouquet Department started in 2000 when our main supermarket customer asked that we develop a higher-end bouquet line for them. The line became very successful and the department expanded to the development and sales of bouquets for multiple supermarkets and retail florists. It is conveniently located one mile from our central facility in the Los Angeles Flower District.

Our Bouquet Department also makes an entire line of floral arrangements. Our professional designers develop products for multiple customers. Although we do not do weddings, special events or personal events and celebrations, our Bouquet Department can create a separate, unique line of bouquets and floral arrangements custom-tailored to your requirements.

We never sell out of inventory. Our goal is to always have the freshest product available for you, our customer, so you can have fresh bouquets, arrangements and bunches when you need them.

Our employees are at work during the night to supply floral deliveries occurring that day. We ship bouquets and arrangements to locations across Southern California, using a highly efficient, company-designed method.

Whether your order is large or small, the managers and staff at Holland Flower Market are prepared to service your request with the freshest, most beautiful floral products.